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system 3000


Swarf free full automatic production – for vertical or horizontal clamping positions

In automated systems, reliable system components are essential. While setting up CNC machines, the refuse factor often prohibits safe processing and handling. The central locking provided on the patented STARK clamping device, SPEEDY Sweeper 2000 effectively protects the clamping mechanism against refuse.
In addition, the mounts and the central locking are cleaned with blow off nozzles making automatic, accurately repeatable zero point mounting possible.

  • Upon request, media ducts can be integrated in the SPEEDY Sweeper 2000 , allowing media to fl ow through the clamping devices. This technology permits controlling the swivelling mounts or machine vices with the machine control unit.
  • The autonomous SPEEDY Sweeper multiple coupling can be equipped with up to 8 media ducts with nominal width 5. The ensuing coupling force is bridged by the integrated, double action, hydraulic clamping cylinder.
  • As a surface check the air escaping from the blow off nozzles can be controlled by a differential pressure switch.
  • The mounting system can also be controlled with an additional camshaft controller or remotely.

Significant product advantages

  • Pneumatic self-cleaning system
  • Central locking system protects against refuse
  • Enables full-automatic machine setting up
  • High operational safety during automatic processing
  • Special clamping geometry povides no-tilt handling even if the weight distribution is unfavorable.
  • 20 kN draw in force, vibration damping permanent draw in system and failsafe spring activated force.
  • Available with integrated media ducts
  • Ready for surface and clamp controls
  • High clamping cycles
  • Modular structure
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Rankweil, Austria