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Two designs   Connection diagram
Two designs  
Connection diagram
  1) PLC Machine  
  2) Motor controller  

With SPEEDY etec the advantages of STARK clamping technology can also be used if no hydraulics or pneumatics are available. The system is integrated into the existing controller. The same retractable nipples as on SPEEDY Sweeper or Speedy Hydratec are used (variants such as with bearing ring like Speedy Hydratec or raised supports like SPEEDY Sweeper).

In this way existing pallets can be clamped. With the SPEEDY etec series, STARK Spannsysteme is setting new standards for machines and machining centres without hydraulics and for other applications.

This design is based on the proven technology for the clamping element:

  • Insertion and extraction from the fit
  • High insertion forces (7 kN) and retention forces (38 kN)
  • Self-locking – safe in case of power failure
  • Short clamping and release times
  • High level of safety due to varied range of polling options
  • Third hand function (DHF)
  • Highest precision

With the dimensions D = 130 mm, installation depth <100 mm and a motor voltage of 48 V as well as a power rating of 180 W, the maximum is realised, above all in the drive technology.



  • Low power consumption
  • Fewer environmental aspects need to be addressed
  • All positions can be adopted without modification (e.g. third hand function DHF)
  • Electrical polling (clamping and release position) is easy to add
  • Self-locking - safe in case of power failure
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