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SPEEDY connect



  • Compact design with high clamping forces
  • Double-action pneumatic system with clamping force boost
  • Simple installation contour
  • Easy to maintain – straightforward installation and cleaning
  • Made of high-quality, stainless materials

SPEEDY connect


Floating receptacle

  • Clamping mechanism can move sideways (e.g. temperature variation)
  • Angled insertion and removal possible
  • Optimal for automatic applications

SPEEDY connect


Active insertion

  • Active insertion force for optimal contact
  • Maximum capture range with 4.5 mm travel
  • Vibrations are damped and the quality of the workpieces therefore increased
  • Straightforward robotic feed and removal

SPEEDY connect


Fully integrated sensors

  • Unambiguous acquisition of the clamping state
  • Direct signalling on the rear via LEDs
  • Digital outputs for straightforward further processing in the higher-level controller
  • Greatest possible robustness and suitable for use in welding environments


The SPEEDY connect series are fast closing clamps made of high-quality tool steel and a housing made of anodised, high-strength aluminium with very low space requirements due to compact external dimensions. The system is clamped mechanically using springs, the force is boosted pneumatically and the system also released pneumatically. The SPEEDY connect is self-locking due to the integrated spring assembly.

The integrated polling unit acquires and signals the clamping state via three signals (“clamped without nipple”, “nipple clamped” or “released”) on LEDs on the rear of the element, as well as digital signals for forwarding to a higher-level controller. The polling is designed so it is resilient to interference and is suitable for use in welding systems.


On the rear of the element there are the two pneumatic connections for releasing and boosting the clamping, as well as the electrical outputs and optical indication of the clamping state.

SPEEDY connect connections
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Rankweil, Austria